Diner Dash [full version]

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Flo is a hard worker at a big stock market company in Dinertown. She's tired of doing all the work and feeling unfulfilled. Flo quits her job, wishing she could work someplace else. She spots a run down old diner, which she buys. She has to make enough money to fix up the diner. Later after earning more finance, she opens a new restaurant called Flo's Tiki Palace, when earning enough she then opens a seaside diner called Go with the Flo's Fine Seafood Dining, when finished at the seaside she opens a dazzling newer restaurant in an opening of a dark trees called Chez Flo.
After having the intuition that something special will happen Flo finishes up in Chez Flo and is immediately transported above the clouds where a Shiva Goddess welcomes her and challenges her to 10 trials inside her own restaurant, the Indian Restaurant. The goddess transforms Flo into a golden banquet goddess with 4 arms (allowing her to carry double the amount she could before), Flo completes the 10 grueling trials and is congratulated by the goddess for completing the trials. The goddess then flies away to the Indian Restaurant and Flo spots a young man below working in the same business job Flo had at the start of the story and prepares to fly down intent on turning him into a waiter just like her.


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