Front Mission Evolved [Repack]

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History teaches us that without a war impossible to achieve peace. With no sophisticated weapons can not win. But historians have never been on the battlefield. Leave thoughts for later. And now - there's an order, is the goal, there is an enemy that must be destroyed. And there is a huge, modern combat robot. Spend your Wanzer to meet the fiery storm of shells and tear. Prove that in your power to change history! The grand third-person shooter looks like a Hollywood blockbuster. You have to act in a fantasy world of the future. Goes in 2171, humanity rushed into space. But the earth continued fierce battles. Not only can you participate in them - depends on your actions almost everything. At the same time improve your robot is not only possible but necessary! Select your style. Remove the heavy armor of the enemy and hit an unprecedented speed. Attach additional weapons and become a real dreadnoughts - a deadly threat to anyone who dares to open fire. Superior Front Mission universe already familiar to fans of game consoles. But such a sight not seen even experienced fighters!

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