Fate [Full Version]

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The time has come to take the dare--to step forward and determine your FATE. An infinite number of levels and exciting battles await you. In FATE you can play as a youthful boy or girl, always accompanied by a little dog or cat. You journey through limitless caverns, dungeons, mines, and tunnels in search of adventure. Each level is randomly generated with countless surprises, magical items, and weapons to discover. Combat more than 100 different monster types, with 400 item types in richly detailed 3D dungeon tile-sets. Gain fame by completing quests and defeating legendary creatures

Driver [Full Version]

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Driver (known as Driver: You Are the Wheelman in North America), is a 1999 action driving video game developed by Reflections Interactive (now known as Ubisoft Reflections).

Crazy Taxi 1 [Full Version]

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Crazy Taxi is a sandbox racing video game developed by Hitmaker (Sega AM3) and published by Sega.[4] It is the first game in the Crazy Taxi series. The game was first released in arcades in 1999 and was ported to the Dreamcast in 2000. Subsequently, it was ported to the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube by Acclaim in 2001, and then Microsoft Windows in 2002. The game was released on November 16, 2010 for the PlayStation Network and on November 24, 2010 for the Xbox Live Arcade. It is featured on the Dreamcast Collection. A port for the Zeebo is also planned, though no release date has been set.

Conflict: Desert Storm [Full Version]

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Conflict: Desert Storm lets you take charge of the best known and most feared special operations forces in the world: the elite British SAS or the US Delta Force squads. You're the best trained, best equipped and best organised Special Forces in the world. The area that has been assigned to you is yours for the taking. Seek, locate and destroy enemy targets and personnel. Create havoc and confusion throughout the enemy's lines of communication and supply. What lies before you is an opportunity in a soldier's lifetime. Take your equipment, take your training and use it well. Features included squad-based combat (both alone or co-operatively with friends), 15 missions, and scripted events. 

Company Of Heroes [Full Version]

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Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment. It was released on September 12, 2006, and was the first title to make use of the Games for Windows label. A standalone expansion, Opposing Fronts, was released on September 25, 2007. A second standalone expansion, Tales of Valor was released in April 2009. Company of Heroes Online, an MMO version of the game was released as a free-to-play, microtransaction based game in South Korea in April 2010. Company of Heroes: Online Open Beta ended on March 31, 2011. According to Relic Entertainment, the reason for the servers being shut down was the developers' new unnamed RTS project which was to be unveiled in August 2011. It was announced on February 21, 2012 by Aspyr Media that they would be releasing Company of Heroes and all of the standalone expansions to the Mac OS X platform on March 1, 2012. This also happened, and Company of Heroes is now also available on the Mac App Store.

Minimum System Requirements

Processor:Pentium 4 @ 2 GHz or Athlon Equivalent
RAM:512 MB
Video Memory:64 MB
Only supplied on DVD?:Yes
Hard Drive Space:6.5 GB
Operating System:Windows XP
DirectX Version:9.0

Recommended System Requirements

Processor:Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz or Athlon Equivalent
Video Memory:128 MB
Hard Drive Space:6.5 GB

Civilization IV [full version]

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Civilization IV is a turn-based 4X game, in which the player leads a civilization from a small tribe to conquering the world over several millenia. Conquest can be done in at least four ways: diplomatically being declared the world's leader, using military to defeat all other civilizations, becoming technologically superior to the other players, or to win through expansion of the civilization's culture across the world. Additionally, the game scores each civilization based on a number of factors, and victory can be had if the player's civilization score far exceeds any other, or if at the end of a limited-turn game, the player has the highest score. The game can be played as a single player facing against one or more computer-controlled opponents, or through online multiplayer games alongside computer opponents.

Cold Fear [Full Version]

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In Cold Fear the player takes on the role of Tom Hansen, a former soldier now in the employ of the United States Coast Guard who has been sent in to investigate a mysterious Russian whaler Eastern Spirit in the middle of the Bering strait. The beginning cut-scenes show a SEAL team under the orders of a CIA agent, identifying the ship and trying to discover its cargo. Unfortunately, the SEAL squad is slaughtered mercilessly by an unknown threat. CIA agent Bennett then orders any government vessel in the vicinity of the Russian boat to investigate, and it is Hansen's ship which responds. As Hansen, the player finds out that the boat is occupied by hostile Russian soldiers and by strange creatures, known as "exocells", that use humans and other life forms as hosts to feed on and to use as protection from the environment. These parasites are a threat to Hansen from inside and outside their host bodies. His investigation leads to the mystery of the ship and its lethal cargo as well as the unethical experiments which were being carried out aboard the ship.

Call Of Duty 1 [Full Version]

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Call of Duty is a computer/video game based on the Quake III Arena engine (id Tech 3), and was released on October 29, 2003. The game was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The game simulates the infantry and combined arms warfare of World War II. Call of Duty was accompanied in September 2004 by an expansion pack, Call of Duty: United Offensive, which was also produced by Activision, but developed by Gray Matter Interactive with contributions from Pi Studios. The game follows the American paratroopers, British paratroopers and the Red army. The Mac OS X version of the game was ported by Aspyr Media. In late 2004, the N-Gage version was developed by Nokia and published by Activision. Other versions were released for PC, including Collector's Edition (with soundtrack and strategy guide), Game of the Year Edition (includes game updates), and the Deluxe Edition (which contains the United Offensive expansion and soundtrack; in Europe the soundtrack was not included). On September 22, 2006,Call of Duty: War Chest was released for PC, collecting Call of Duty, United Offensive, and Call of Duty 2. Since November 12, 2007, Call of Duty and its sequels have been available for purchase via Valve's content delivery platform, Steam.

Link download Call Of Duty 1 [Full Version]

Area 51 [Full Version]

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Area 51 is a first-person shooter survival horror video game that was released in 2005 (2006 in Japan) and it was developed by Midway Studios Austin and published by Midway for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows, and is a loose remake of the 1995 light gun video game of the same name, and was followed in 2007 by the loosely related BlackSite: Area 51. The player controls Ethan Cole, a HAZMAT operative voiced by David Duchovny sent to the Area 51 base to assist in the cleanup of a mutagenic virus.

Link Download Area 51 [Full Version]

Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales [Full Version]

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Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales, known in Rusia as Corsairs III (Корсары III), is a video game developed by Akella. Due to legal issues, it does not bear the name of the developers' previous pirate games Sea Dogs and Pirates of the Caribbean. Unlike Pirates of the Caribbean, Age Of Pirates was developed with the intent of serving as a true sequel to Sea Dogs despite the name change, and chronicles the story of the children of the main character from the original. The sequel of the game was released on May 26, 2009 titled Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships

Minimum System Requirements 
Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or equivalent 
Video Memory: 
128 0 
Hard Drive Space: 
4000 MB 

Link download Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales [Full Version]

25 To Life [Full Version]

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25 To Life is a third-person shooter video game for Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox released in 2006. The game was developed by Avalanche Software and Ritual Entertainment, and was published by Eidos Interactive.
Set in a modern environment, the game allows the player to play as both a cop and a gangster, at different times, in a "cops and robbers" style game. The game can be played online with up to 16 players using the network adaptor for the PS2 and through Xbox Live for Microsoft's Xbox, and there is online play for the PC version as well. In addition, the game features a variety of hip hop songs played during the game.
The name of the game comes from a typical "indeterminate life sentence" that is often given in the United States upon a defendant's conviction for a violent felony.

Ragnarok Online 2 Gelar Beta Test April 2013 + Link Registrasi

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Ragnarok Online 2 Gelar Beta Test April 2013

Kabar baik datang untuk para fans Ragnarok Online 2 di Amerika Utara! Karena Gravity Interactive telah mengumumkan secara resmi melalui official fanpage facebook warpportal, bahwa MMORPG blockbuster itu akan segera memasuki tahap Alpha Test.

Seperti yang telah kita semua ketahui, sejak Januari 2013, Asiasoft merupakan publisher pertama yang telah merilis Ragnarok Online 2 dalam English Version. Sayangnya, beberapa hari sebelum Open Beta berlangsung, publisher besar di Asia Tenggara itu mengumumkan bahwa user di luar 4 negara (Singapura, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam) tidak dapat terhubung ke dalam game karena adanya IP Block yang diberlakukan.

Kejadian di atas sempat menarik amarah para fans di luar 4 negara tersebut yang terpaksa harus menerima bahwa ‘belum saatnya’ waktu yang dinantikan itu tiba.

Beruntungnya buat gamer Amerika Utara, WarpPortal atau portal game yang didirikan oleh Gravity Interactive itu mengumumkan kehadiran RO2 musim semi ini. Beta test dijadwalkan akan digelar di pertengahan bulan April 2013.

Saat ini pemain juga sudah bisa melakukan pre-registrasi untuk mengikuti Closed Beta Ragnarok Online 2.

Kalau dilihat dari official website WarpPortal, tersedia 9 bahasa termasuk Indonesia. Semoga saja pemain dari Indonesia juga bisa memainkan Ragnarok 2 saat CBT nanti ya!


Game Online: Closed Beta OPKita Telah Dimulai !

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Apakah anda akrab dengan publisher gameweb? Jika anda penggemar berat dari permainan web-based ninjakita, tentu saja anda akrab dengan nama publisher ini. Meski hingga hari ini publisher webgame rilis baru satu buah pertandingan, namun popularitas dan keberhasilan menarik banyak pemain sangat fantastis. Terbukti permainan ninjakita yang bisa mengatakan itu sebagai game browser tidak. 1 di Indonesia yang paling favorit gamer jika mengacu pada statistik hasil pencarian yang diluncurkan oleh google. 

Setelah cukup lama bergelut dengan Ninjakita, sekarang penerbit yang mengklaim dirinya sebagai web game portal no. 1 di Indonesia itu sedang melaksanakan masa uji coba closed beta untuk game ke-2 mereka, OPKita. CBT opkita secara resmi telah dibuka mulai hari ini jadi apakah anda yang ingin mencoba ? Anda bisa langsung mengunjungi situs resmi opkita

Game ke-2 webgame ini masih fokus pada tema yang sama, yaitu anime. Jika ninjakita mengangkat tema dari anime populer naruto, kemudian opkita kali ini diadaptasi dari komik satu bagian ' yang terkenal. Jika anda penggemar berat anime satu bagian, tentu saja anda tahu bajak laut dan harta akan sangat melekat pada latar belakang dari cerita. Di sini pemain akan dibawa ke dunia seperti dunia dalam komik satu bagian untuk berburu harta karun legendaris Gol D. Roger di Grand Line. 

Closed Beta OPKita akan berlangsung hingga tanggal 06 mei 2013. Sejumlah event CBT yang bisa pemain ikuti adalah Free 500 Gold, Login Prize, King of Arena, dan Bug Hunter.

Game Online : Mirror War Online Indonesia

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Mulan Maret 2013 lalu, salah satu provider Game Online Indonesia, Gemscool secara resmi mengumumkan hadirnya game online terbaru mereka, yakni Mirror War Online Indonesia. Sejak saat itu, tim Mirror War Online Indonesia (MWO) terus giat menyapa para gamers Indonesia melalui official fanpage facebook mereka, menghadirkan informasi terkait game Mirror War Online Indonesia, mulai dari screenshot, video, karakter, dan juga Artwork.

Setelah sebulan menjadi pertanyaan besar dibenak para gamer terkait peluncuran game ini, akhirnya Gemscool mengumumkan bahwa game ini akan hadir pada bulan Mei 2013 mendatang. Namun untuk mengenai tanggal pasti kapan masa open beta berlangsung masih dirahasiakan oleh pihak Gemscool.

Ok sob, paling nggak sekarang kita sudah punya gambaran kapan game ini bisa kita nikmati. Nah sob, kalau masih penasaran kamu sudah bisa mengunjungi situs resmi Mirror War Online yang telah dirilis. 

Situs resmi Mirror War Indonesia bisa kamu kunjungi di Mirror War Indonesia 

Beach Life [Full Version]

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Beach Life (known as Spring Break in North America) is a business strategy video game for Windows developed by Deep Red Gamesf. The game was published by Eidos Interactive and released on September 6, 2002. In the game, players assume the role of a manager for an island holiday resort. As vacationers enjoy their stay at the resort, players must build, employ, and finance the right lodging, entertainment, and shopping establishments to please the clients and their individual needs.

System Requirements :
  • OS: Windows 98,2000, XP,Vista,
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 3 @ 1 Ghz 
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Hard Drive: 900 MB free
  • Video Memory: 32 MB
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive
Link download Beach Life [Full Version]