Delta Force Black Hawk Down [Full Version]

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The game is based on the 1992-93 UN peace missions in war-torn Somalia. The first few missions in the game are designed to make the player accustomed with the different types of weapons, their usage, enemy AI, terrain types, and combat techniques. The majority of the missions involve convoy protection, providing security for food distributions, destroying weapon stockpiles, taking prisoners, etc.The Windows and PlayStation 2 versions of the game have an expansion set called Team Sabre, which features two additional campaigns. One involves missions to shut down a drug cartel in Colombia, and the other involves missions against a paramilitary rebel group in Iran


 System Requirment-
1.8GHz Intel P-IV or 100% compatible processor
Windows 2000, XP Home/Pro
1.7GB free hard disk space
DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card with 64MB memory
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
Keyboard and Mouse
DirectX 9.0c.

Link download Delta Force Black Hawk Down Full Version

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