Police Force Full Version

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Excalibur Publishing have silmulation games for everything! Friends of mine have worked on Ship Yards, on Dump Trucks, I’ve been a farmer and now it’s my turn to be a police officer. Oh and that’s Constable Eresin to you!
Police Force takes you to the streets where you start at the bottom and must complete missions, patrols and answer emergencies in order to move up the ranks.
You and your (rather useless) partner patrol the streets of Germany keeping a watchful eye out while using your PDA to scan people and cars to see if they are on the ‘wanted’ list. You will get jobs to do while out on patrol and you can go on foot or jump in a car to do them. You’ll get the occasional emergency call to go and investigate during your patrol too. Patrols last about 30 minutes.

Password: www.downloadha.com

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