Worms 3D [RIP]

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The classic Worms game-play remains unchanged, featuring turn-based fighting and relying on the player to judge the trajectory and strength of their shots in order to inflict maximum damage on opponents, but this time in glorious 3D. Favorite weapons such as bazookas, grenades, dynamite, air strikes and sheep are all present with, the addition of brand new weapons designed to take advantage of the new liberating 3D landscape. With a multitude of tactics available, coupled with the ever changing, randomly generated landscapes, Worms 3D promises to take Worms' award-winning gameplay to the next level.

System Requirement

Processor : P4 2.4 Ghz
RAM : 1 GB
VGA : 128 MB
Free Harddisk : 300 MB
OS : XP/Vista/7
Directx 9c
password : ramadhaniricky.blogspot.com

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