Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Full Version

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For all editions, the game follows 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons, licensed by Wizards of the Coast. The game features updated multiplayer, which now includes matchmaking functionality. This allows for cross platform multiplayer, with players from the different platforms being able to play with each other.
Major changes to the game include higher resolutions as well as different viewing modes, including widescreen, to enhance gameplay. The iPad and Android versions are described as a radical departure from the game's original interface, allowing for zooming in and out via multitouch gestures. This also allows for larger text. The tablet versions also allow for users to swipe between screens instead of clicking on tabs. Ex-Bioware employee and creative director for the enhanced edition Trent Oster said, "When I describe playing a Baldur's Gate combat scenario to someone, I use the analogy of a football playbook. ... When you think about Baldur's Gate in this light, the iPad makes so much sense. In fact, I think Baldur's Gate is almost the perfect game for the touch interface—it was just released a decade early."
To make the game easier, the level cap for the game was raised. Despite this, bonus quest enemies that have been added to the game are described as posing a "more vigorous challenge". In order to further ease the game, all improvements from Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and its expansion packs were imported into the game this includes classes, subraces and class kits previously unavailable Other previously unavailable classes such as the Blackguard are available to the game via new adventures, which also include new party members. The player is given full control and customization of up to six party members at a time.

System Requirements:
Required System Memory (MB) 512 MB
Minimum Graphics GeForce 2 or Equivalent
Processor Speed (GHz) 1 GHZ

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